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What is acupuncture?


Acupuncture is a form of therapy in which fine needles (tiny compared to paperclip) are inserted into specific points along meridian pathways/channels on the body, this is based on Chinese Medicine theory. Overall aim is to rebalance the body to function at its' optimal level by not just treating the symptoms but directly pinpointing the root cause, on all levels including; Mind (Mental), Body (physical), Emotional, even Soul (Spiritual) levels. Quick video clip gives easy explanation here.

More detailed explanation can be found on British Acupuncture Council website.


Is acupuncture safe?

Acupuncture is generally very safe. Serious side effects are very rare – less than one per 10,000 treatments.


Does acupuncture have side-effects?

You need to be aware that:

  • drowsiness occurs after treatment in a small number of patients, and, if affected, you are advised not to drive

  • minor bleeding or bruising occurs after treatment in about 3% of treatments

  • pain during treatment occurs in about 1% of treatments

  • existing symptoms can get worse after treatment (less than 3% ofpatients). You should tell your acupuncturist about this, but it is usually agood sign

  • fainting can occur in certain patients, particularly at the first treatment


In addition, if there are particular risks that apply in your case, your practitioner will discuss these with you

  • if you have a pacemaker, or any other electrical implants

  • if you have a bleeding disorder

  • if you are taking anti-coagulants or any other medication

  • if you have damaged heart valves or have any particular risk of infection

  • if you have ever experienced a fit, faint or funny turn

  • Is there anything your practitioner needs to know?


Apart from the usual medical details, it is important that you let your practitioner know.

Does acupuncture hurts?

Try Acupuncture

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